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corum golden bridge replica

This corum golden bridge replica watch. Being water-resistant, it may withstand standard water splashes as well as rain hence well suited for put on in any sort of weather. With its classy 18ct rose gold color, this Corum Golden Bridge Replica watch looks remarkably stunning. Therefore, any lady will appear more beautiful and incredibly charming with this particular watch.

The corum golden bridge automatic replica is provided inside a round situation permanently, including a twist. Rather of departing the area in the sides from the movement void as with most Golden Bridge watches, the watch’s designer, Dino Modolo, has made the decision to produce a tribute to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge - the two,727-meter lengthy suspended bridge that offered because the inspiration with this watch model to begin with. Rose gold sculptures now flank the movement, and take the type of lattice frameworks mimicking the Golden Gate Bridge. This corum golden bridge titanium replica artwork could be appreciated whatsoever angles, because of using a crystalline ring which forms the case’s middle.

*A gold tone stainless situation that's a rectangle fit and measures 11.24 mm thick. It contributes to this watch’s durability and magnificence.

*Crocodile leather strap dark colored incorporating a width of 20 mm and women’s standard length. It may, therefore, fit every size of wrists and obtain the interest of individuals surrounding you.

*Being one of the better Corum watches, it features gold skeleton dial featuring rose gold bezel and analog display.

*Uses self-winding movement so you've to frequently set time of the watch properly.