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Best Jacob & Co Epic 1 Replica Watches, Just for You

New release jacob & co epic 1 replica watches. A distinctive watch, to state minimum, it displayed the neighborhood time using a typical dial and amount of time in another time zone at 12 o’clock utilizing a special retro-style switch clock display like we may see used at airports. Now, 3 years on, we have seen the brand new Jacob & Co. replica watch, in addition to a gemstone version.

Side note: there's also new Jacob & Co. Epic 1 replica watches that are like the original Jacob & Co. Epic 1 from 3 years ago, but differ in that they're offered in a variety of red, eco-friendly, and blue racing colors. The interior bezel, indexes, and case's rubber inserts are colored, which adds much more visual pizzazz for an already quite interesting watch on www.jimwatchesale.com online shop.

However, the star of the year’s new releases has to be the Jacob & Co. Epic 1 replica watch. Since its name suggest, the timepiece includes a flying tourbillon and it is found at 10 o’clock, next to the primary dial that displays the neighborhood time. At 12 o’clock may be the second time zone display in what Jacob & Co. calls a Split Switch display. A press around the pusher quietly allows proprietors to scroll through all 24 major time zones and marvel in the display because it flips in a manner that is similar to the switch board used at many airports all over the world.

The brand new Jacob & Co. Epic 1 replica watch is going to be offered in three variants. All may have 18k rose gold cases, however the priciest version - the Jacob & Co. Epic 1 replica  - will feature 79 baguette diamonds totaling 8.13 carats installed in the situation. This version may also feature 25 baguette diamonds totaling .85 carats set in to the black lacquered dial. In most replica maker, the Jacob & Co. Epic 1 replica  may have 104 white-colored baguette diamonds having a total carat count of 8.98.


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